Community Involvement

Oklahomans look out for their own. Community involvement is needed.They’re All Our Kids

It’s unthinkable to imagine your child in a drunk-driving crash, a fight, engaging in risky sexual activity or any incident caused by underage drinking. And there’s no doubt you’d do anything in your power to keep that from happening.

But would it be acceptable if something like this happened to your child’s best friend? Your nephew? Your neighbor’s kid? Any kid?

Of course it wouldn’t. That’s why it’s so important that we do everything in our power to keep alcohol away from kids. Because they’re all our kids. They’re Oklahoma’s kids. And Oklahomans look out for their own.

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What you can do to prevent social hosting/underage drinking:

  • Talk to your child. Tell him or her directly and clearly that it is illegal and unacceptable to drink before age 21, and that you expect him/her not to drink until then. Make sure you specifically mention the Social Host law, and its consequences to you and your child.
  • Report underage drinking, parties, or alcohol sales to minors.
  • Take preventive measures at events — weddings, holiday parties, and family gatherings, for example.
  • Make your expectations clear: to your child’s friends, their families, and your family.
  • Support your local police department as they enforce this law.